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Chieftain Energy is a 100% Yukon partnership between Air North, Yukon’s Airline, and the Kluane First Nation through Kluane Dena Shaw LP. Our mission is to build a competitive and local energy supply network. By offering low prices, we ensure that Air North is able to maintain low costs. In turn, Air North can continue to deliver low airfares to its valued northern customers.


The Chieftain Energy fleet is rapidly expanding and we offer a number of energy options to meet all customer needs. Being a subsidiary of Air North allows us to offer unique solutions that our competitors can’t deliver. Fly-in fuel (drum fuel and bladder fuel) to remote locations and dependable 24/7/365 service are Chieftain Energy exclusives that we offer to our customers.

  • Distributor of Boss Lubricants
  • Manufactured in Calgary
  • Family owned and operated
  • Subsidiary of Air North, Yukon’s Airline
  • Driven to help Air North keep air fares low